The #ARTTALK project is to help young people who are affected by a family member/loved one with a severe or terminal illness.


#ARTTALK – an organisation that we launched on #worldmentalhealthday

Erin Laurel Hayhow, Sam Giles or Dream Safari are delighted to announce that we have been granted funding by ART31, Future Foundry and Beach Creative CIC to carry out #ARTTALK in the lead up to Christmas, offering young people an alternative therapy. We will be showing you how you can use the creative process to manage your feelings. We are going to show you how you can support yourself by making ART!

Sam Giles creates street art, fine art, zines and illustrations. He’s worked as a freelance artist for many years and was a founding member of the Student Makers Market. Like many young people he has struggled to manage his mental health, but found his art and creativity are critical in this, especially recently when he supported a close relative through serious illness.
Erin has experience of using her art and creativity to make sense of her world. She lost her Mum to cancer after a long battle, and is now supporting her dad who, after having a stroke is now managing aphasia. She transformed aspects of this experience, like brain scans, into highly colourful pieces throughout this time and recently created an exhibition featuring a series of short, abstract films, representative of her dad’s brain, his experience and the way in which he had to relearn everything after his stroke. She has begun a campaign with Fixers to raise awareness and had her films shown on ITV.

Maybe you have a loved one with a terminal illness? Maybe you are suffering from grief? We are here to help!

There’s no secret answer or magic cure…but there are things we can do to bring back the light!

Mental illness can be a lot more common than you think, and a lot of you are suffering so don’t be scared to accept, reach out and ask for help. Find your own remedy, but make it a creative productive one.

We are looking for YOU!

We are offering a series of workshops with a final exhibition that will run at Beach Creative. See our timeline below for full dates and info.


We intend to offer you support before and after the event takes place and are looking to make #ARTTALK a big thing for the future!

Make sure you’re smiling today!

Here’s some thoughts!

Creative imagination, creative motives and creative products are unique to human beings and are the source of their cultural achievement. Creativity is an ability to make new combinations and it is one of the most highly valued of human qualities. Creativity may prove to be the key to success or failure in human beings’ quest for knowledge, in their journey beyond the bounds of the sure and seen and in exploration of the unknown. A creative thinker is always trying to create something new and this involves a great amount of unconscious rearrangement of symbols. In general there is a great recognition in today’s living across the globe to be creative in one’s everyday activity.

Since ancient times, the observation has been made that extremely creative individuals were unusual in many ways and it has been suggested that psychological processes akin to those observed in madness might be an important component of the special abilities of genius. In the research into the connection between creativity and psychopathology a theoretical connection has been drawn between creative functioning and unusual or regressed thinking processes, affective symptoms,personality traits and values and behavioural characteristics. Almost any extraordinary performance or creative achievement, then – whether it is in writing, music, poetry, philosophy, dance, art, sculpture or intellectual discovery – could be said to be the variants of the belief that there can be “no great genius without some touch of madness”.


Workshop 1

14 Dec '16

WEDNESDAY 14th 5-8pm

Introduction to the projects, relaxation meditation and zen session with sound and visuals! this will be followed by lots of delicious things to eat and drink! Erin will then be giving an introduction to mental illness and how to deal with terminal illness and grief. Hand out of sketchbooks for the workshops

Zine Making Workshop

15 Dec '16

THURSDAY 15th 5-8pm

Zine Making!

Relaxation meditation and zen session with sound and visuals! Introduction to zine making, collage and their history from Dream safari then we have a practical zine making workshop!

Drawing Feelings Workshop

16 Dec '16

Friday 16th 5-8pm

Drawing feelings !

Relaxation meditation and zen session with sound and visuals! Erin Hayhow will be giving an introduction into mark making, drawing and painting expressing how you feel using abstract patterns, colours and different techniques of mark making. You will be working on a large scale experimenting with colour, pattern and shapes reflecting how you feel. First independently, then all together as a group.

Show Installation and Private View

17 Dec '16

Saturday 17th 12pm


7:30 PM #ART TALK PRIVATE VIEW ( bring all your family and friends to show them what you have done!)



De-installing the show

21 Dec '16


De-install the show! Everyone should be there to help take the show down and take their art works! These can be donated to the Pilgrims Hospice or other mental health charity of choice! Or kept of course.