Terry Pratchett’s Mort Cast Auditions

Auditions for Trinity Youth Theatre's upcoming production of Terry Pratchett's Mort.

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School Year 8+ (as of September 2018)

Trinity Youth Theatre are going to perform the fun comedy Mort by Terry Pratchett (the play) set on Discworld. Performances will be on Tuesday 23 (evening) and Wednesday 24 (matinée and evening) October.

It will be directed by Jason Lower with Ellie Rowland.

Show synopsis:
Although the scythe isn’t pre-eminent among the weapons of war, anyone who has been on the wrong end of, say, a peasants’ revolt will know that in skilled hands it is fearsome.

For Mort however, it is about to become one of the tools of his trade. From henceforth, Death is no longer going to be the end, merely the means to an end. He has received an offer he can’t refuse. As Death’s apprentice he’ll have free board, use of the company horse and being dead isn’t compulsory. It’s the dream job until he discovers that it can be a killer on his love life…


Sunday 15 July, 4.30pm – 6.30pm
Wednesday 18 July, 5pm – 7pm

They will be held at Trinity Theatre. You only need to attend one audition and you do not need to prepare anything (though a familiarity with the script would be helpful).

Rehearsals will start fully in September, running on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons.

It will cost £70 for existing Youth Theatre members and £90 for non-Youth Theatre members.