LGBT+ Playwright commission

Playwright commission for LGBT+ Creatives group at Ideas Test


LGBT+ Creatives is a Live Well Kent innovation project funded by Porchlight. We are a group of young LGBT+ people (ages 16 to 25) working on an awareness project for the Swale area. Our aim is to raise awareness to and for the LGBT+ young people. We want to change how LGBT+ are seen and heard. We have researched different creative mediums and decided on theatre for our project. This project is led by the LGBT+ Creatives and has been created by the whole group.

We are looking for a playwright to produce a 30-minute play with a maximum of 4 characters. The theme of this is ‘Gay conversion therapy’. This was inspired by watching the film ‘The miseducation of Cameron Post’. We want the piece to flip the theme on its head offering a new perspective. This piece needs to be adaptable and suitable to tour. This piece is aimed at a secondary school audience year 7- 13.