Hotel Experience

Check in to Gulbenkian and watch your friends guest star alongside four mesmerizing dancers.

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A man checks into a hotel the night before his wedding unaware that things may not be as they seem.

As the clock ticks the walls around him seem to blur and dissolve as fragments of memories tumble into the room in the form of past lovers. They fall from the ceilings, crawl out from under the bed and step out of wardrobes to face him once more with full force and in vivid colours. The Hotel Experience becomes a night of doubt, hope, crisis, and unexpected encounters. When the sun rises, he has an important decision to make.

Check-in to Gulbenkian and watch your friends and family as they guest star alongside our four mesmerising dancers in this extraordinary night of dance and live music. Come and find out why Lîla Dance are rapidly becoming one of Britain’s fastest growing dance companies, with a reputation for redefining community involvement in professional productions.