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These articles were written and submitted by young people across Kent, between August 2016 and July 2019. We are no longer adding new articles or maintaining old ones. Read more about Art31.

About ART(Y)31

Find out about the new ART(Y)31 group at Gulbenkian.

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Young People and Arts Engagement: What We Need

Young People and Arts Engagement: What We Need, an Arts Council commissioned report by ART31.

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10 Ways to Stay Creative This Summer!

10 creative opportunities and events to make the most of this Summer!

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Andrews Agenda Enlightens and Engages.

Interview with Andrew Welcome, author of 'Do I Need Help?'

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10 ways to take a break from exam stress at Gulbenkian

Written & Curated by Gulbenkian Uncovered

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Interview with Alissa Anne Jeun Yi Cooper of Trip Hazards

Meet Alissa, the Artistic Director of Trip Hazards

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Interview – Kevin Finnan of Motionhouse

Artistic Director, Kevin Finnan, opens up about the minds behind the innovative Motionhouse

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Tell us your thoughts for the chance to win…


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There is always Paper and a Pen.

“If there is no one to turn to, remember there is always paper and a pen”

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ANNOUNCEMENT: February’s Writing Theme

This month’s Article theme is...

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Interview: Joss Arnott of Joss Arnott Dance

Artistic Director of Joss Arnott Dance talks of his trailblazing career in the arts.

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Wellbeing: If I let you in, its because I am beginning to find my way out.

There I am, stood, staring in the mirror. Trying to figure out who I am.

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Live Well, Creativity, and the 7th Way to Wellbeing

Zoë tells of how music and the arts are some the best tools to help young people.

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Being an Autistic Girl in a World Full of ‘Ordinary’ People

Isabella tells her experiences of being Autistic and how writing helps her.

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Empty Carriages

An extended metaphor that describes the journey to overcome coming of age issues

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