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These articles were written and submitted by young people across Kent, between August 2016 and July 2019. We are no longer adding new articles or maintaining old ones. Read more about Art31.

How can you support your local theatre?

World Theatre Day is coming up and here's how you can show your appreciation for theatre.

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A night of feel-good European poetry is coming to The Gulbenkian

Forget Brexit and join us in a celebration of truly unique European poetry.

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Days to celebrate!

International Women's Day was a triumph but here are four more days we're looking forward to...

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Rainy Day Activities to Keep You Entertained

ART31's handy guide to rainy day activities to keep you entertained through all the doom and gloom.

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Reducing Meat – What’s It All About?

A third of Briton's have reduced their meat intake, Art31 looks at the reasoning behind it...

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Interview with Talia Randall about Question Time Cabaret

Interview with Talia Randall, the creator and host of the upcoming show Question Time Cabaret!

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Art31 wants YOU!

It's true, we want YOU to get involved!

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“Just go for it!”: An interview with Deon and The Flames

Starting your own band? Find out what advice this student band have for you.

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Careers in Music

Music isn't just singing or performing, so here's an insight to other careers you could take.

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MIND Mental Health Article

An article from MIND about how to look after your mental health.


How to be a (Arts) journalist!

Top tips on how to be a successful journalist.


6 Ways to Stay Creative with Journaling

Here's 6 ways that you can fill your journal while staying positive and creative.


What is World Mental Health Day?

October 10th sees an opportunity to raise awareness and start a conversation around mental health...

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Make the most of your open day!

Make the most of your university open day, they're important!

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Surviving Back to School

Here's some tips to making 'back to school' a little easier.