Personal Experience of Tech31

A personal experience of a young person in TECH31

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These articles were written and submitted by young people across Kent, between August 2016 and July 2019. We are no longer adding new articles or maintaining old ones. Read more about Art31.

My experience of Tech31:

What is Tech31 all about?

Tech31 is amazing. The people who lead the sessions are really friendly. I have been doing Tech31 for a year and it’s been the best experience I have had. In a Tech31 session, you get to learn what happens backstage in a theatre by having training sessions with professional technicians which then allows you to learn the basics of stage management, lighting and sound. You then get to apply your skills and provide technical support on events such as bO!ng! Festival and any other events at Gulbenkian.

My opinion of Tech31:

In my opinion Tech31 is a great opportunity for young people across Kent. The people who lead the sessions are really friendly. It gives the chance for young people to learn about backstage theatre. I aspire to be a lighting technician and Tech31 has helped me to learn all about what a lighting technician does, how to get into a career as well as teaching me about sound and stage management. Tech31 has helped me to gain confidence and communication skills. Tech31 also gives you the opportunity to provide tech support for shows and events.

ART31KENT Website:

The Art31 website is informative, it shows people visiting the website the upcoming events that are going on. It also shows people how to get involved and what opportunities you can get from joining Art31. On the home page you can view articles written by 13-25 year olds who attend Art31. These articles tell you everything that goes on at Gulbenkian. The website also tells about upcoming projects and opportunities.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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