Reflecting on International Women’s Month 2019

Every March celebrates International Women's Month so lets see how our local area got involved

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This month people around the world have been celebrating and learning around one topic: women. Every March brings us international women’s month; a time where we all can remember the strong women who have changed our world, and to inspire the women of the future.

During the month there have been a range of events and opportunities to get involved with international women’s day, from Universities to shows. Let’s reflect on how our local area has been commemorating our history of women.

The Gulbenkian has been putting on many shows throughout March, all by women sharing their passions. They started off the month with Jazz sessions featuring musician Jessica Lauren in aim to expose more people to the genre and get them inspired. They also hosted a international women’s day special event by the Funny Rabbit Comedy Club – entertaining and empowering. The Gulbenkian showed talents at the TRIBE group performed a dance to ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou, a powerful poem about overcoming prejudice and injustice.

POW! (power of women) Thanet have been holding an exhibition across March to share the talents of many Autistic women. Titled ‘Invisible Women’, the exhibition provides a space for people of a forgotten group to share their work and influence others. Each piece of work is created by an Autistic artist, and ranges from photography, painting, sculpture and more.

Canterbury Christchurch University have been busy with their long list of interesting events. From discussing how being a women at University affects you, to learning about the experiences of women in work throughout the Medieval period. They even held a pop-up breakfast event with speakers to delve further into the topic.

The University of Kent have been celebrating too, with their staff event to look at ‘Balance is Better’. During the day, staff came together with inspiring activities such as panel Q&As with the academic team and networking sessions. With their theme in mind, the University looked into balancing work and life as a parent, as well as balance amongst members of staff.

Many amazing events have been held this month, energising women across the country. International women’s month may be coming to an end, but there will always be chances to celebrate women throughout the year. If you haven’t had a chance to attend these great events so far, then there’s still a few days left to get involved. International women’s day may be hosted in March, however you can make a difference everyday.

Chloe Walker

Special Guest

I'm a second year Journalism student at Canterbury College with an interest in Fashion, Arts and Business.