How can you support your local theatre?

World Theatre Day is coming up and here's how you can show your appreciation for theatre.

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World Theatre Day is shortly approaching on March 27th where we all take a moment to celebrate what the theatre brings. From London Broadway to local halls, theatre has brought culture, entertainment and joy.

Supporting your local theatre helps you give back to your community. You can help the new generation of actors pursue their dreams, give a safe place for young people to learn and make it the destination of entertainment.
The theatre is best known for bringing stories from different cultures and languages across the world, as well as the theatres having their own historical backgrounds. Local theatres create a range of jobs and experiences for actors, singers, dancers and technicians who want to fulfill their dream of working in theatre. It allows a space for people to practice, grow and get the community involved.

This year for World Theatre Day, let’s take a look at how you can support your local theatres to keep them running and doing their best.

Firstly, and most obviously, is to buy tickets to see the amazing shows and events they have to offer. Going to see performances and sitting in the crowd is the easiest and best way to show your support for the theatre and people involved. Many theatres even have memberships you can join for a small price that gives you discounted tickets and food.

If you have a little money to spare, theatres can do a lot more with donations from the public. Not only can they put on better shows with more props, equipment and practice, they can also put on events for children to get them involved in the arts and give them a safe space to be. Local theatres have a big impact on the lives of children in our area, helping them to become creative, socialize and learn.

You can also give your time at your local theatre, by volunteering. This could be assisting groups and events, helping with refreshments or even dealing with equipment for shows. Not only will the theatre benefit from your help, it is also a great way of getting experience in different areas of work.

Supporting theatres doesn’t take much. It could be just an evening, a couple pounds or a few extra hours a week that will help them to continue to give the area amazing entertainment.

Find out more about how you can help your local theatre here:

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