A night of feel-good European poetry is coming to The Gulbenkian

Forget Brexit and join us in a celebration of truly unique European poetry.

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International Poetry Day is just a few sleeps away, taking place on Thursday, March 21st, we can hardly contain our excitement here at Art31. Just a week later, March 28th, and The Gulbenkian are throwing the ultimate shindig for poetry lovers with An Evening of European Poetry.

The show itself, kicking off at 19.30, serves as a precursor to the magnificent European Poetry Festival – a dynamic and innovative literary celebration that spans from April 4th all the way through to April 15th, in four cities.

Over a dozen of Europe’s most diverses poets will stamp their mark across The Gulbenkian in order to mark the night when the UK is set to leave the European Union – officially, at least. New works will be performed by the artists, having been created in pairs, in a creative celebration of just what is possible when there is a united chord. Contemporary collaboration is the mantra for the night which, of course, will take a cursory look at the very happenings of Brexit.

The European Poetry Festival came about through the desire to reward the realms of poetic talent coming through, not just, in Europe, but right here in Kent. A real resurgence has been felt as the art form finds it feet in the 21st century thanks to a whole new wave of artists looking for a canvas.

Dragan Todorovic, born in Kragujevac, will be performing on the night with Yugoslavian journalist exploring the very topics that have earned him such a profound reputation in the industry. Politics told through lucid storytelling with a wonderful rhythm, the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize nominee is worth the entrance fee alone.

Pop on down to The Gulbenkian Cafe on March 28th for a celebration of all things European and Poetic – forget the doom and gloom of Brexit, let’s rejoice in some community camaraderie.

Tickets cost £5 and can be purchased directly from The Gulbenkian.

Oliver McManus

Special Guest

Hello! I'm currently studying at Canterbury College, in my second year of a journalism course and when I'm not studying or serving pizzas at Pizza Hut you'll often find me either writing or asleep!