KTV Film Festival at the Gulbenkian

March brings us the Film Festival for budding directors to share outstanding talents.

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Directors and crews have been hard at work for weeks, completing a project that will be showcased on screen at the Gulbenkian Theatre. Students have been celebrating film by experiencing new, high-end equipment and bringing their authority on-set to create 5 amazing feature films.

The University of Kent are showing the talent of their students with 5 brand-new films that you can watch. Coming up is the KTV Film Festival 2019 and they will be showcasing a range of features from exceptional students.

This year, the festival is being held at the Gulbenkian theatre on Saturday 16 March for a full day of drama, inspiration and fun. Let’s take a look at what’s to come:

11:35am – ‘Steps of Detachment’, directed by Elliot Bowden.
12:15pm – ‘Sending to the Sea’, directed by Iris Perović.
2:30pm – ‘Waiting for Certainty’, directed by Dominic Taylor
3:05pm – ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’, directed by Alfie Court
4:15pm – ‘Sweet Child of Mine’, directed by Tyler Hamblin

There’s a range of tickets to be had to give you the best day of celebration. Single film tickets are only £3, giving you access to one film. Fancy seeing all 5 films? All Day tickets are £12 and VIP tickets cost £14, including a goody bag of items, a brochure, a mini poster, one glass of process or soft drink and a buffet lunch (for 18+).

Get your tickets at https://thegulbenkian.co.uk/season/ktv-film-festival-day-pass-18/ for your day of creative talents and join in with the festival.

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