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International Women's Day was a triumph but here are four more days we're looking forward to...

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Off the back of a resounding International Women’s Day, we here at Art31 are looking ahead to the ultimate celebration days. Over the coming weeks and months we will profile each day in more detail but, for now, let’s get straight into the business.

World Pi(e) Day – Thursday 14th March
So this day combines, unofficially, two of the best things in the world – Arts, aside. The perfect combination of maths and food, we’re technically cheating because 14th March is aimed at making Pi, the number, more accessible but why not double up? Taking place every 14th March, the movement is backed by the United States’ government and has been observed every year since 1988. Ever since then the day has grown with schools across the world opting to use the day to as an opportunity to really dig deep into the wonderful world of Pi.

And if that all those numbers are driving you a little bit crazy then you don’t need to worry – have fun with it and bake a Pi Pie. As long as it’s in the shape of Pi or got some link back to the magic number than concoct up whatever flavour you want and enjoy yourself.

International Day of Happiness – Wednesday 20th March
We all need a little more happiness in our life, what with all the doom and gloom that seems to be constantly in the news. Whilst you should try and incorporate more joy into every day, 20t March is the perfect place to start. Take the day to do whatever it is that makes you truly happy – go for a long walk and cut out the negativity in your life. The only thing that matters is you and your happiness.

Personally we recommend coming to see Total Dhamaal at The Gulbenkian, a thrilling Bollywood film filled with crazy characters on a mad adventure. But we would, wouldn’t we?

World Poetry Day – Thursday 21st March
Now this is more like an obvious Art31 ‘day’ and poetry is becoming more and more accessible to all types of demographics. Thanks to it earning more classroom time at secondary school and in further education there is no excuse not to get involved with the art form. A perfect way to put your feelings on a canvas without fear of judgement, poetry is the purest medium of expression. From politics, love, sport, murder, there is literally no limits to what you can explore with poetry.

How you choose to celebrate world poetry day is up to you but this UNESCO event is full of opportunities for you to get involved. Even better better than that, this year will be the 20th World Poetry Day and The Gulbenkian is putting on a show with a European Poetry Festival a week later on 28th March. Why a week later? To give you time to scrub up on your poetry and, perhaps, even have a go at writing some yourself.

International Dance Day – Monday 29th April
A global celebration of every type of dance – from american smooth to zouk, this really is an A-Z of dance. Spearheaded by the International Theatre Institute and supported by UNESCO, the event takes place every 29th April to commemorate the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet.

You don’t have to be the next Darcey Bussell, however, to get involved – stick some Robbie Williams on the TV and have a five minute boogie to kick-start the day, that counts as a celebration in our books. In seriousness you don’t even have to get active and involved yourself – although we’d love to see that – why not try something new and see a dance troupe in action? Ballet or breakdance, whatever tickles your fancy, let’s celebrate it on 29th April.

Get involved, tweet us @Art31Kent with how you’re celebrating these, or any other, days. Start the conversation.

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