Rainy Day Activities to Keep You Entertained

ART31's handy guide to rainy day activities to keep you entertained through all the doom and gloom.

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“Oh rain, rain, rain, must you fall from the clouds on, this, the most chaotic of days? Gone are my wishful plans to bury myself in the sand, away with the dreams of a boisterous barbecue and farewell to my fishing friends. I am left aplomb on my wicker chair, rocking back and forth in silent contemplation with only the faint wisp of Dickinson’s Real Deal banging benignly on in the background.”

 Fear not, friend, Art31 are on hand with our handy guide to rainy day activities to keep you entertained throughout the doom and gloom of water’s molecular dissipation –

Take an online course

If you are determined to stay within the confines of your house then let’s at least put that time to good use and take an online course. All you need is your laptop or a mobile phone and you can sign up to websites such as Open University, FutureLearn or Skillshare – from thereon you’ve got knowledge, literally, at your fingertips for whenever you’re struck by boredom.

Many, such as Open University, will offer free courses but the paid platforms – Skillshare offer a two month trial for $0.99 – are generally good value and offer thousands of courses that cover pretty much anything you could imagine.  Ranging from five minute educational videos on salt to full university-equivalent courses that you can dip in and out of whenever you fancy, we guarantee you’ll find something to pique your interest.

See a play

 Being based in Canterbury we will, of course, look for every excuse possible to get out into the big wide world and immerse ourselves into the world of theatre. Culture at its purest, there’s something about the buzz of a live show to really tingle the senses. Increasingly accessible, too, the stage is no longer a past-time limited to a set demographic with tickets from £10 for those aged under 26 at the Marlowe and ‘Two for Tuesday’ at the Gulbenkian ensuring that everyone gets the best seat in the house!

There’s nothing quite like the hustle of a theatre in order to distract your mind from everyday worries so let it take you away and unwind from mundane stress – by the time the show stops the sun should be back out. And if it’s not, stick around in the cafe and grab a coffee whilst the world passes you by.

Visit Hever Castle & Gardens

Now we know exactly what you’re thinking – ‘a castle? In the rain. Are you crazy?’. In fact that’s exactly what Dave muttered in the office brainstorm this morning but Hever Castle boasts the enchanting story of being Anne Boleyn’s childhood home and is contained within a jaw-dropping display of architecture. Three floors that will set your mind racing to the 1400s, Hever Castle is a gamut of endless learning possibilities.

If you’re feeling a little braver  and the rain turns to a light drizzle then you’re in luck because Hever has a host of outdoor opportunities including an original 20th century Yew maze as well as fantastic rose garden – we can confirm they smell as good as they look. Hey, you’re already wet so why not run head first into the water maze without a care in the world?

Browse a library

Now this one is sure to take up a fair chunk of time and we can all remember the excitement we felt as a small child running into the library, picking up The Hungry Caterpillar with a big beaming smile on your face. Well that is the feeling we want to recreate as adults – reading should always be exciting whether you’re interested in autobiographies, romantic novels or anything in between.

Kent is fortunate enough to be home to dozens of libraries filled to the brim with books just waiting to be picked up. There’s no reason to say you even have to take it home with you, avoid the hazardous weather and get to grips with the latest bestseller in the bliss of absolute silence. If you’re feeling nostalgic then travel back in time through the physical and digital archives of newspapers, magazines and references.

If you’re just looking for a quiet space to knuckle down with work then nothing beats a library – you certainly won’t have a ‘Rock Choir’ singing the same line endlessly whilst you’re trying to work!

Rain rain go away? We say ‘NO’. We say ‘you’re welcome anytime, Mr Rain, for we have got things planned without you!’

Oliver McManus

Special Guest

Hello! I'm currently studying at Canterbury College, in my second year of a journalism course and when I'm not studying or serving pizzas at Pizza Hut you'll often find me either writing or asleep!