Taste of Gulbenkian Festival

The Taste of Gulbenkian festival is coming up with a range of comedy, theatre and talks!

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The Gulbenkian are mixing it up in their upcoming food festival – Taste of Gulbenkian, with a range of shows, talks and comedy to get your tastebuds excited. From January 31st to February 2nd, the Gulbenkian will be packed full of fun, curiosity and flavour.

First up is the comedy of ‘Viva Las Vegans’: the first ever Vegan Comedy club, headlined by Mock The Week star, Carl Donnelly. This great night of comedy is open to everyone, whether you’re Vegan or not. To celebrate the Vegan community even more, a special Vegan menu will be available throughout the night so you can try something new! This kicks off the start of the festival on January 31st at 7:30pm.

Taking a turn from comedy, the next event brings our attention to the problems that affect the UK food industry. The Gulbenkian will be showing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ that aims to show the truths behind UK land animal farming, including investigations and undercover footage that will shock us all. Problems in the food industry affect the majority of the UK with around 100 facilities featured during the film. This is an amazing time to learn something new and see what you can do to make a difference, and will be shown at 7pm on February 1st.

The last day of the festival has two exciting events to get involved in. Firstly, the Gulbenkian Theatre will be open for ‘The Midnight Soup’. This dinner-style performance explores time, life and death while getting you thinking and learning. The performance shows a love letter and memorial through food from a grandson to his grandmother, celebrating life and the seasons. Whether you’re there for the passionate monologue, enticing cookery class or want to be part of a discussion, ‘The Midnight Soup’ will be a great day of entertainment. This show begins at 12pm or 6pm on February 2nd.

Thinking more about the food, The Gulbenkian will be hosting two talks throughout February 2nd to discuss cooking, plants and people. 2:30pm will bring us the ‘Moving Roots and Saving Seeds’ talk, featuring growers and gathers from the south of England. This talk delves into the amazing projects in place for plant gathering for wild ingredients in the UK. The talk will also bring awareness to the issues of ‘invasive’ or ‘native’ plants and the impact of farming on the local environment.

‘Sharing Plates’ is an event that brings together chefs and cooks from around Kent to show you their most exciting dishes. You can gain some inspiration to try some cooking for yourself, listen to the interesting stories of these cooks and learn about the food in our local area. This talk will be hosted at 5pm!

Whether you have strong opinions about your food, want to learn more about your environment or just want to get involved in some entertainment, the Taste of Gulbenkian has something for everyone. Learning, laughing, eating and talking – it’s all here at the Gulbenkian from January 31st to February 2nd!

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