Rock Choir? Come on in!

Come and join the 25,000 strong music group bringing the feel-good factor back to Canterbury!

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Britain’s largest choral movement, Rock Choir, is bringing the feel good factor to Kent University with their weekly sessions providing a welcome spark of energy and enthusiasm every Monday.

Founded in 2005, Rock Choir was established to provide everyone the opportunity to sing without need for an audition or any particular signing experience – it’s all about having fun and producing a community feel.

A multi-faceted singing experience, Rock Choir combines the power of music and spirit of a community in order to provide memorable performances, cultivated through a raw and powerful musical journey.

Pioneering in the world of contemporary choir, the brand has seen its popularity rise in workplaces – such as the University of Kent – with their hour long blasts just the right length to fit into a lunch break.

Over 25,000 members participate in Rock Choir each and every week, tackling contemporary songs from the Top 40 to feel good tunes from yesteryear. No matter what your singing ability, it’s great for personal development and bags of fun.

Karen Cherpin, Administrator to the Head of School, School of Mathmatics, Statistics and Actuarial Science said,

“I absolutely love it! I find it really uplifting and it definitely improves my mood and energy levels. I always go back to my office feeling revitalised and ready to face whatever the afternoon may throw at me.”

And from the small halls of your workplace, who knows where you could end up? Rock Choir’s have performed at The Royal Albert Hall, live on the BBC, Wembley Stadium as well as multiple arenas across the UK – it really is an avenue of possibilities.

As the enthusiastic lady outside Colyer-Ferguson Hall says, “Rock Choir? Come on in!”

Oliver McManus

Special Guest

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