Can’t miss music acts at The Gulbenkian!

Across one weekend the Gulbenkian welcomes Luke Jackson & Amy Wadge and Lau for can't miss music...

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In two weekend’s time The Gulbenkian plays colosseum to three gladiators of the music world – Luke Jackson and Amy Wadge perform together on November 24th whilst Lau take to the stage the day after.

Saturday’s show sees Wadge and Jackson pit-stop as part of their UK tour with the Grammy Award winner – Amy Wadge – being held as one of the UK’s most successful female singer-songwriters. With five solo albums, two collabs and an array of compositions, the Bristolian really is a gem of the British music scene.

Co-writer of “Thinking Out Loud”, you’ve definitely heard one of Wadge’s songs before even if you weren’t aware of it! But it’s not only with the mighty pen that she is magnificent – get a guitar in her hand, place a microphone to her mouth and you are in for a wonderful experience.

She appears alongside, the local man, Luke Jackson who, earlier this year, released his first live album – Solo:Duo:Trio – featuring 15 songs that were, predictably, performed by himself, as a duet or in a trio. Recorded in his hometown of Canterbury, the music is earthy and can’t-put-down listening!

Constantly gigging, Jackson has honed and matured since he first burst onto the scene in 2013 – receiving two nominations for the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards – and has cultivated a reputation of his own on the Folk circuits with solo shows and festival appearances galore.

Mark Radcliffe, on BBC Radio 2, remarked, “Reminds me of Jeff Buckley, which can only be a good thing”… high praise, indeed!

Lau make their maiden Gulbenkian for a special two hour performance that features their first new music since 2015 – a year in which they released ‘The Bell That Never Rang’ and received The Herald’s Album of the Year award.

With music written in Shetland, Lau’s continual experimentation with the origins and bases of folk music are ever-present throughout their latest released with minimal arrangements and strong social and ideological themes throughout.

Having been asked to write for the BBC Radio Ballads, Lau produced ‘Scapa Flow 1919’ which looks at the experience of stranded German sailors at the end of WW1. A theatrical trio, the current tour takes their stage presence and production to whole new heights – it’s all part of the show, after all!

Damn that’s a good weekend so clear your schedules because it’s set to be a barnstormer!

Oliver McManus

Special Guest

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