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Three of the most incredible arts-based podcasts to delve right into...

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“Video killed the radio star”… and podcasting killed the stars of YouTube because, in modern society, people are much preferring the ability to play something in the background whilst they continue about their busy lives.

Millions of us listen to podcasts each and every day with their convenience allowing us to indulge in a way not otherwise possible so here are a few of the best podcasts for you to get your ears round.

The Verb, Radio 3
The Verb is one of an array of BBC podcasts dedicated to the arts, culture and media with the weekly show available to listen live or as a podcast with the veritable Ian McMillan taking charge of proceedings throughout the course of 45 minutes.

With a specific theme each week – lately featuring the likes of Instagram Poetry or the wonderfully vague “forest” – there is an unbridled opportunity to explore the richness of a topic each week and discover something unexpected each and every time.

Not afraid to get down and dirty with the trends of today, withhold your preconceptions about Radio 3 because The Verb is on a mission to transform your knowledge of the arts world with a mix of wit, poetry, music, writing and performance.

The Two Shot Podcast
Hosted by the incredible Craig Parkinson – himself of Misfits and Line of Duty fame – the Two Shot Podcast is all about the art of acting so who better a presenter could there be?

Each week Parkinson is joined by an industry friend with Raleigh Ritchie being the most recent guest but whilst the contemporary focus is on acting, the podcast also seeks to shine a light on other aspects of “the arts” with DJs and musicians featuring, too.

Typically an hour long the podcast has built up a steady following of around 4,000 listeners thanks to the irrepressible charisma of Parkinson as well as the refreshing honesty he and his guests bring to the show.

Discussing the highs and sometimes extreme lows of becoming and being an actor. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking….Always a great listen!

The Projection Booth
Now THIS is a podcast for those of you who really know their films with the critically acclaimed podcast earning praise galore for its incredulously detailed analysis of cinema classics and the movies we all forgot we loved.

Every week The Projection Booth discussed not only a film but the wider impact it has on society so you’ll got the technical discussions complimented alongside why we should care about the message of the film and, trust me, if you didn’t care before then you will do after listening!

Over three hours in length, the show is definitely one to be tackled in separate sections but you would be fool to skip any of the content because every second is gold-dust, full of insight and personality.

Oliver McManus

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