Hofesh Shechter’s SHOW Review

Mid-Kent's MIND group came to see Hofesh Shechter's 'SHOW' at Gulbenkian. Here's their review!

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On Friday 28th of September, Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind’s Monthly Youth Group were welcomed into the Gulbenkian Theatre thanks to the ART31 team. We got to watch SHOW – a fantastic dance performance. Here’s a little bit more about the piece:

“Combining Hofesh’s bold, exhilarating and tribal choreography with a pulsating score, SHOW revolves around a group of anarchic performers as they play their parts in a macabre circus of comedy, murder and desire.

SHOW offers a bitingly comic vision of a topsy-turvy world where fools can be kings and kings fools, performed in the company’s unique and unforgettable theatre-dance-rock-gig style.”

SHOW was an incredibly interesting performance. For a while, coming into it fresh and having forgot the initial description, I found myself quite perplexed by the production. There were moments which clearly explored certain elements of anarchy, with murder becoming particularly prominent from the start. There were also moments which linked closely to the tribal roots of the piece, featuring elements like bows and arrows to really drive home some of the cultural inspirations for the piece.

The anarchic elements of the performance were certainly prevalent with the choice of soundtrack well-crafted to make it feel almost uncomfortable to watch; it showed how successful the performers were in communicating the tones and themes they wanted to within this piece. It was certainly unique and will be memorable for all who were lucky enough to attend the show.

Our young people thought the show ‘Explored society’ and drew on ‘Shakespearean themes’ – whilst also saying that they ‘Found it confusing at times’. This goes to show how well-communicated the themes of the piece were as it had the desired effect on audiences.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the Gulbenkian for inviting us to SHOW – our young people had a fantastic evening, and we can’t wait for the next performance we are invited to see!

Thomas Fishenden

Guest Contributor

Marketing apprentice with Maidestone and Mid-Kent MIND, the mental health charity.