Young People and Arts Engagement: What We Need

Young People and Arts Engagement: What We Need, an Arts Council commissioned report by ART31.

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These articles were written and submitted by young people across Kent, between August 2016 and July 2019. We are no longer adding new articles or maintaining old ones. Read more about Art31.

Young People and Arts Engagement: What We Need!
A report by ART31, commissioned by Arts Council England.

An Arts Council England commissioned report to look into the lack of engagement from young people in the arts. The report is built on the idea that the best way to engage young people is to include them in the discussion and listen to what they want and to actually implement their views.

The conclusions and recommendations that have been found after formulating the review are, not only, fascinating but will be used by Arts Council to formulate their next 10 year plan of how to engage young people.

You can view the report in full here: ART31 Report Full

You can view a condensed version of the report here: ART31 Report Condensed

Please read and digest these very important findings!


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