Charge, As I Watched It – ART31 Member Review

Charge is undeniably “a wholly electrifying performance”

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In the words of an audience member I heard just minutes after the performance, Charge is undeniably “a wholly electrifying performance”. Inspired by the role of electricity in the human body, ‘Charge’ reflects our sometimes shocking lives with a sophisticated, astonishing and surprising physical performance using colourful images and pioneering technology. I can’t help but give my opinion on this remarkable performance that draws you in with the intellectual theme, athletic dance, and cinematic staging.

The main theme of Motionhouse’s latest work is electricity in all its forms; atoms, protons, neutrons, neurons and even our own human heartbeats. Anything related to electricity seemed to come alive before my eyes, a whole cosmos of activity. The performance then showed us the relationship between electricity and life, electrifying life so to speak, we saw evolution, wellbeing, relationships, love, and chaos. The list could go one forever, yet each interpretation of the performance will come down to the individual viewers own perspective.

This is a real strength of Motionhouse’s work, it doesn’t give you one clear interpretation of the piece. It allows each viewer to take it in, in their own unique way. That is probably the point of the piece, giving the audience the freedom to interpret as they want, as arguably the ultimate goal of art is not to push or pull your audience to one conclusion but to guide them on their own journey through.

Another awe-inspiring aspect of Charge is the sheer athletic ability of the dancers, partnered with the huge images projected behind them the performance has an incredible cinematic effect.

Motionhouse manages to unite a calamity of elements such as the huge projections, engaging music with shocking sound effects as well as ‘don’t try this at home’ acrobatic dance that keeps you on the edge of your seat. All of which draw the viewer in and make the whole piece thrilling and hard to take your eyes off.

I can only recommend Charge, to anyone really, there isn’t at least one aspect of this daring performance that won’t interest even the most reluctant viewer.