BFI Future Film Festival Review – Ana

Gulbenkian Uncovered's Ana gives an insiders perspective on BFI Future Film Festival on Sun 18 Feb.

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I attended the last day of the BFI Film Festival, Sunday 18 February, which consisted of an introductory talk by writer-director Kate Herron followed by three sessions and ending on a networking event.

The first session of Character Building focused on the thoughts, feelings, and behavior that when creating and developing a character must be given. The following questions usually help building a character: What does my character want? Why? How is my character going to get it? An important idea to always keep in mind when developing a story is, if you have a complex story, for example, The Godfather, you need a simple concept, in this example a mafia family. On the other hand, if you want to choose a complicated concept, for example, Inception, you need a simple story. Furthermore, as a writer, it is necessary to feel empathy, compassion, and truth from your characters in order to be able to make the audience feel the realism and deeper truth of the story you are telling.

Moreover, I learned the importance of keeping all your work and footage safe by having multiple backups and copies of your work, you never know when a hard drive might fail, and it will probably happen when you least expect it. On this second session Workflow, lead by director and DoP Adam Roberts, he also guided us through the significance of having a routine and having all your work organized as it intensively helps for multiple occasions such as when you want to go back to a project and edit it, looking for specific footage or sound, etc.

Finally, at the VFX masterclass, I was able to explore this field through someone who started her career from the very bottom, building her way up and currently involved in projects such as being the Producer for the VFX of Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri.

Overall, it was a great experience, with very different talks of people full of passion, very inspirational and with interesting stories and backgrounds.

Ana Tapia Jiménez

Guest Contributor

I’m Ana, a first-year film student. I’m Spanish but lived in Chile, went to a boarding school in England and studied my last three years of high school in Shanghai (China). In Shanghai is where I was able to pursue my passion for film, taking Film as a subject for the International Baccalaureate, having many opportunities to attend film festivals and making my first films, learning and improving my filmmaking every day. I, of course, love watching films, I do film as part of my academic but also during my free time. I would say I live a very balanced and busy life, trying to do as much possible, making the most of each day, good social life to work on my relationships with family and friends, doing sports, and being active in societies including Gulbenkian Uncovered, Film Society, organizing the TEDx Event, Equestrian and others.