ART31 – Young People Igniting Change In The Arts

Find out all about ART31 in the ART31 Documentary!

Articles are no longer being added or maintained

These articles were written and submitted by young people across Kent, between August 2016 and July 2019. We are no longer adding new articles or maintaining old ones. Read more about Art31.

Since 2012, ART31 has been growing and more young people in Kent have been connecting with the arts.  We’ve created opportunities and put on events across the county, introduced young people to new artforms and artists that they wouldn’t have considered before, and even built a website to bring these events, opportunities, articles and projects all together!

Along the way, Spark Film Production have been following us, and documenting what we’ve got up to. The end result is a 30 minute documentary film, celebrating the journey of ART31.

You can now view the ART31 Documentary here, and it’s available in shorter chapters too:

Want to know more about we do, or how you can get involved? Get in touch with us to ask your questions.

Thanks to Spark Film Production and SCREEN31 for filming and editing the documentary!




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