Introducing the UPrising Manifesto

What needs to change for young people in the arts?

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Saturday 15th July 2017 saw the creation of ART31’s UPrising Manifesto. In the middle of a day full of workshops, performances and panel discussions, the audience of young people, artists and creative professionals divided into three groups, to discuss what needs to change for young people in the arts. Each group’s debate was led by a variety of creative professional mentors, and centred on a different topic; mental health and wellbeing, education and employment.

Each individual put forward their suggestion of how improvements could be made in the area they focused on and then these were whittled down to three points for each subject area. Next, the three groups reunited, and our UPrising host, Billie JD Porter, led the audience through a voting process, to decide which point they deemed the single most important for each of the three topics. These points then formed the UPrising Manifesto.

This Manifesto is a call for change, by ART31. We want organisations and young people to work together to action the points that we have developed, ensuring that arts and creativity become embedded in teaching, raising awareness of and developing arts employment opportunities for young people, and providing early access to arts and culture for young people, allowing them to develop their personal identity, confidence and acceptance.

We recognise that we can’t achieve this alone, and so we are calling on you to help us make a difference. If you would like to become part of the ART31 movement and help us work towards making changes for young people in the arts, get in touch with us today!


Image credit: Jason Pay


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