Jasmin Vardimon Company launch new Youth Consultation Board: ART31 JVC

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These articles were written and submitted by young people across Kent, between August 2016 and July 2019. We are no longer adding new articles or maintaining old ones. Read more about Art31.

Jasmin Vardimon’s vision to nurture talent and potential is at the heart of the Company’s offer to the community and for those who share a passion for dance. Providing an insight into Vardimon’s choreographic, theatrical and artistic process, the Company nurtures and supports the training of versatile performers through the development of dance and theatrical skills, both through its education programmes as well as the professional touring and performance work of the Company.

With strong relationships and partnerships with arts organisations not only in Kent but all over the UK and Internationally, and a commitment to developing work with and for children and young people, the company have developed their own Youth Consultation Board (ART31 JVC).

Having been resident in Kent since 2012, Jasmin Vardimon Educational Company are committed to provide opportunities for children and young people and be reflective and responsive to their needs, as well as often bridge the gap for young people to the professional world through opportunities, experiences, training and employment, as well as signposting and connecting to other organisations.

The Jasmin Vardimon Educational Company’s Youth Consultation Board (ART31 JVC) are a group of young people aged between 7-25 who share a passion for the arts as audience members, participants, and are ambassadors for the arts in Kent.

Through regular meetings, facilitated by Jasmin Vardimon Educational Company, ART31 JVC will develop, offer and be involved in:

  • Practical Jasmin Vardimon Company workshops
  • See performances at venues such as Gulbenkian, Canterbury.
  • Gain access to behind the scenes opportunities
  • Meet Jasmin Vardimon Company dancers and other arts professionals
  • Gain an insight into the different roles within a dance company and what it is like to work in the arts
  • See sneak peeks of Jasmin Vardimon Company brand new work before anyone else
  • Influence marketing, our education programme, and other elements of the company
  • Visit other local arts organisations/ Q&A sessions with partnered organisations
  • Signposting to other opportunities and events
  • Gain an array of skills as a Company and Audience Ambassador


For more information on ART31 JVC, please email eduadmin@jasminvardimon.com



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