Journey Through My Bronze Arts Award With Sheppey Street Studio

In my article I will be talking you through my personal journey through my Bronze Arts Award.

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I will be talking about my Arts Award journey that I began @SheppeyStreet aka Sheppey Street Studio #SSS.
My challenge was to create artwork based on the Isle of Sheppey. In the past I have created 5 other little canvas in Henna and Tribal styles, I’ve also done drawings of things in the Isle of Sheppey.
I kept the theme in a Henna style and during my Arts Award I’ve learned how to paint on a bigger scale canvas. I have done this by taking my idea that I have drawn from an A3 scale to a 5ft by 4ft canvas.
I learned how to share my ideas online with other artists, worked in a team and supported other people to get creative with their artistic ideas.
I have really enjoyed meeting new people who have an interest in art and developing my skills. It is good to get involved into different projects within the community. I think I have improved on my skills of scaling up my artwork, use of colour and mixing up my own colours, using different mediums, paint pens, acrylic, Gold, Silver, Bronze metallic pens; this helped make the fine detail on my canvas stand out, so people can see it from a far distance.
During my Arts award I went to Whitstable Biennale. This was part B of my Arts award.
The event was held from the 4th til the 12th of June. Visual, art (Film, Sound and performance). I watched a short film by an artist called Mikhail Karikis called Ain’t Got No Fear. The film was approximately 15 minutes long. His practice emerges from long standing investigations of his voice as a material and a socio- political agent. He can also explore performances to the camera and explore the role in sound plays. For the film for Whitstable Biennale he worked for almost a year with teenage boys from the Isle of Grain.
Sarah Wood is a Filmmaker. She mainly works with the found object, particularly the still and moving image, this is called an act of reclamation and re- interrogation. Webb- Ellis are two British/Canadian artists. They are Filmmakers, working in film and installation and performance. They do this by enchanting various scenarios. I liked their work as it’s going through journey of the eel and it’s also combined in an experimental inquiry into real life, loneliness, desire, memory and touch. People are able to relate to these things.
My arts inspiration is Kandinsky, he was an influential Russian painter and art theorist. He inspires me because he expresses the communion between the artist and viewer. I like the use of colour, shapes and lines he uses in his abstract art.
I also created an online blog on “How to draw Henna designs step by step”. This was part of my Arts Award. It was good to get other people’s feedback on what they thought of my blog and people also got involved.
In the future I would like to do the Gold Arts Award. My dream job would be working in the art industry.


My top 5 tips for completing Bronze Arts Award:

  1. Planning and documenting
  2. Make sure you have all the right materials
  3. Research information on artists
  4. Take your time with each individual piece of art, don’t rush it and keep it unique
  5. Remember everyone’s style of art is different, it’s a self-expression

The Bronze Arts Award is available to people between the ages of 11-25. I hope my top 5 tips are useful to help young people complete their journey for their Arts Award.