Review: Breakin’ Convention at Gulbenkian

Carly gives her thoughts on the the UK's largest Hip Hop festival coming to Canterbury.

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The Gulbenkian decided to do something different by holding Breakin’ Convention…. I was blown away.

It’s not every day that you would get the opportunity to take part in a lyric writing, beatbox or graffiti workshop.

As the atmosphere picked up outside at the Block Party, everyone seemed to love our graffiti wall and people weren’t hesitating to leave their mark behind. As the day went on; there were some great open-mic performances from some local rappers, including one girl, who I even snapped up for another event!

The second day of Breakin’ Convention included European & World Hip Hop Champion Belle Fisher leading a beginner’s dance workshop for people to take part in. It was ‘a very energetic way to start the day’ and it was amazing to see that there were some dancers who weren’t shying away from battling each other. I even ended up battling Trey!

Soon enough, it was time to watch the sold out Breakin’ Convention show. I’m used to seeing the local dance groups perform at dance competitions but I am so glad I was there to witness Shake That and Dance Domain bring it to the stage and represent the trainees amongst the professionals. They truly held their own which wasn’t an easy task because the Sunday show brought performances from: Simple Cypher, Antoinette Gomis, The Ruggeds and Iron Skulls Co. All of these professional acts were breath taking to watch but personally it was Iron Skulls Co who stood out.

The complexity, the strength, the emotion, the theatricality, everything was flawless and when their masks were taken off at the end I was stunned to see that there was a female included in the group. It really inspired me to keep going with my own personal goals and Iron Skulls Co are proof that it is possible to achieve your goals.

Carly Maling

Guest Contributor

I'm an amateur actress, dancer, singer, busker, ex ART31 member and apparently also a spoken word poet! I hate the education system and I want to change the world.