Youth Board

Meet our Youth Board!

Young people from all across Kent, who meet at Gulbenkian monthly to support and promote the ART31 programme across the county.


I'm Emma, and while I am somewhat artistically challenged myself, I am very passionate about organising events, such as festivals, that will bring young people together to take part in and celebrate the arts. I have just finished my A Levels, and am taking a gap year, so I have a lot of time to dedicate to making Kent a more interesting and inclusive place to live.


Lucy is a freelance prop, costume and moulding & casting technician based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. She has been a member of the ART31 Youth Board for nearly two years now and is passionate about enabling fellow young people to experience opportunities in the arts as well as having the chance to get their voice heard.


Hi, I'm Anna, I enjoy being involved in the Arts especially getting the chance to meet and network with art professionals. The Art31 Youth Board has given opportunities to present shows, take a lead on events and campaign for more arts within schools.


I'm Archie. I am a film buff and will be reviewing the latest films on the website, those in the cinema and new DVD/Digital releases as well as new indie films. I hope I can inform you well about films and persuade you to see films you may not otherwise see.


Hi, I'm Gray. I'm a writer, dancer, singer, and actress, who also dabbles in photography and poetry. I have very egalitarian views, and am passionate about a great many arts issues, but particularly equality and challenging stereotypes in the arts. I'm an Art31Kent Youth Board member because I'd like to help others get as much out of the arts as I feel I have.


I’m a producer / artist, I live Margate, Kent. I’m part of the ART31 in Thanet which is also where I do most of my music production and recording (Pie Factory Music, Ramsgate), I’m very deeply invested there not just music wise but I also help with organising events and general assistance. Apart from music I study science at college and enjoy various activities. I recently joined the Youth Board. I’m enjoying this as the organisation and I share the same interest; changing Kent and making it more opportunistic for young people especially with art and music. I believe there’s great deal of talents in Kent but platforms are not available for them. So with ART31 and the Youth Board our aim is to tackle this issue.


I am a public speaker, media spokesperson, activist, writer, blogger and chair of trustees for a refugee charity (My website is Volunteering, campaigning and the arts really changed my life, it helped me to channel my negative experiences of discrimination into positive ones. Throughout education I did singing lessons, was part of a choir and went on tour in Germany with my school, I was awarded scholarships and bursaries for 4years to attend performing arts school, performed in shows, events and productions. I entered art competitions and was a part of 3 art exhibitions. I don't know what I would have done without the arts, it really boosted my confidence and self esteem. It saved my life. I really want to help other young people enter the arts and access the same opportunities I did. I want to ensure the arts is accessible and inclusive to all especially those from disabled and BAME backgrounds.


I’m Ben and I’m passionate about programming and organising music events. I programmed the stage for SOUNDRising 2017, in the lead up to ART31’s UPrising festival in July. I’m doing a music course in Music Performance at Canterbury College, play guitar and can skate (badly). I really want to encourage and programme more accessible music events, including a music platform for local bands.


I’m Josie and I love acting, visual art and singing. I’m also the voiceover of the ART31 documentary! I want to change how art is represented in the media and make it more accessible to young people.


I am based in Maidstone and am interested in music and performing arts. I have been heavily involved with Kent Music for 10 years, play the Trumpet, Orchestral Percussion & Organ, and I also sing and conduct. I am also the elected Vice-Chair of the Kent Youth County Council and am a Deputy Member of Youth Parliament, giving me a clear understanding of and influence within our Government. I love working with the young people of our county both within ART31 and with other organisations.


My name is Andre and I’m a member of the ART31 Youth Board; outside of this, I’m involved in many activities. Such as ballroom and latin dancing, rugby, boxing, football as well as acting. When I’m not doing this I’m doing modeling on the side. To me, the arts are the most important thing in the world! I owe everything to the arts without them I would not be who I am today.