string(8) "ART(Y)31" Reoccurring Event / OppART(Y)31

Opportunity ART31 Group


Get involved with a wide range of arts activities with ART(Y)31!

string(7) "MEDIA31" Reoccurring Event / OppMEDIA31

Opportunity ART31 Group


Interested in filmmaking? Arts journalism? Graphic Design?

string(16) "Gulbenkian ART31" Reoccurring Event / OppGulbenkian ART31

Opportunity ART31 Group Courses

Gulbenkian ART31 Session

Every Thursday, young people of all ages with a wide variety of arts interests meet at Gulbenkian.

string(9) "Screen 31" Reoccurring Event / OppScreen 31

Opportunity ART31 Group


Develop your documentary filmmaking and video editing skills in SCREEN31’s FREE weekly sessions.

string(10) "TECH31KENT" Reoccurring Event / OppTECH31KENT

Opportunity ART31 Group


TECH31KENT’s weekly training sessions introduce 13-18 year olds to the technical side of theatre.

Opportunity ART31 Group Visual Art

Portfolio Art Competition

Enter Portfolio to win incredible prizes and have your work exhibited at Turner Contemporary