How To ‘Make It’….in 140 Characters

We took to Twitter to seek out the best creative career advice.

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How do you ‘make it’ in your chosen career? Can your success really be measured? Do we ever really ‘make it’?

As a 25 year old starting out on a creative career path, I’d like to know the answers to those questions. But who to ask?

As a social media obsessive, I decided to get my answers the best way I know how – I took my questions to Twitter, specifically to people I consider to have ‘made it’, and asked them for 140 characters of advice. The results were…varied.

Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem)

Jessica Hynes (actress and writer)

Sir Matthew Bourne (choreographer)

James Rhodes (pianist)

Holly Bourne (author)

Paul Smith (musician, Maxïmo Park)

Penn Jillette (magician, author)

Ben Wheatley (film director)

Darren Shan (author)

Mark Pellington (director and filmmaker)

Dan Veesenmeyer (comic artist for LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS Video Game)

Matthew Ashton ( Vice-President of Design at LEGO and Executive Producer for The LEGO Movie)


There’s a lot to take in there, and hopefully something will resonate with you and help you as you develop your career path.

Personally, I’m going to go with Matthew Ashton and keep on being unique and never quite grown up. Being a serious adult is overrated, anyway.


Let us know the best advice you’ve ever received in the comments!

Jess Baker

Guest Contributor

Communications Assistant for ART31KENT. Love social media, theatre and music.