Arts events and opportunities created for young people, by young people.

13-25 year olds on a mission to #ChangeKent.

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Event Music

Music Industry Workshop with Elijah

Have a chance to meet and talk to Elijah co-founder of influential grime label Butterz

Event Film

MEDIA31 Taster: Film-making for Social Media

Come along and develop your film-making skills!

Event Film Theatre

Stage Makeup Workshop with Siân Revill

An introduction to stage and special FX makeup!

Event Film

FREE Screening: A Hacker’s Story + Q&A with Jake Davis and the National Cyber Crime Unit

Attend a special FREE screening of ThinkNation’s hacking documentary, A Hacker’s Story.

Three ways to make the most of ART31KENT


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Event Festivals Music

Open Mic Nights – HOUSE in the Basement Youth Cafe

Open Mic Nights 11-18s - come practice ready to perform at summer festival: Live on the Vine 20.7.18

Event Exhibition

Zine Making Workshop

Free zine-making workshop in Rochester.


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string(16) "Gulbenkian ART31" Reoccurring Event / OppGulbenkian ART31

Opportunity ART31 Group Courses

Gulbenkian ART31

Every Thursday, young people of all ages with a wide variety of arts interests meet at Gulbenkian.

string(31) "Gulbenkian Youth Theatre 12-14s" Reoccurring Event / OppGulbenkian Youth Theatre 12-14s

Opportunity ART31 Group Courses Theatre

Gulbenkian Youth Theatre 12-14s

For 12-14 year olds whether you are thinking of performing as a career or just enjoy performing